Nordica Skis 2425 winter 2024 & Boots 2324 winter 2024

Nordica Skis 2425 winter 2024

Nordica is now fully grown, and its name shines bright as the earlier years. With the most innovative technologies it's a benchmark and the fastest growing brand in the ski industry. Nordica keeps on writing the history of skiing along with its racers, representing the highest peaks of this sport.

The legendary South Tyrolean Dominik Paris, who has lived all his life along with the brand, able to win 4 times on the iconic Streif in Kitzbühel, among the others. Alex Vinatzer, the rising star of Italian technical disciplines and finally Andreja Slokar, the surprising brightest athlete of World Cup that marks Nordica's awesome comeback in women's racing. Because of the passion, because of the team of people working for Nordica, because of you dear guests and partners. Because of love for skiing.

Since 1939.

We are “fit for the long run”.

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Nordica Boots 2324 winter 2024

It was October 1939 when Adriano and Oddone Vaccari, mountain lovers, brought their experience as craftsmen and leather traders into a new business: mountain boots. After a few years, Nordica started to mean not just mountain boots, but to be bond with the omen of a future, massive success: ski boots. Three years later, in the winter of 1950, Italian Zeno Colo, left for America.

On the Rocky Mountains, he became twice Alpine Ski World Champion, bringing our brand on the top of the world with him. The progressive minds made Nordica grow, to become an important choice for skiers seeking perfect fit and precision.

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